Condor Technology (Mauritius) Ltd.

Condor Technology (Mauritius) Ltd. started as Condor Technology Ltd. in The Netherlands in 1995, developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality Explosion Proof- and General Purpose Electrical Heaters and Thermostats. ln 2018, Condor Technology Ltd. moved to Mauritius and became Condor Technology (Mauritius) Ltd., under the same Management.

With over 25 years prior field experience, Condor Technology (Mauritius) has grown rapidly ever since, to being one of the leading global suppliers of high quality Explosion Proof Heaters and Thermostats for applications in hazardous areas and for General Purpose Heaters and Thermostats
for non-hazardous areas.

Electrical Heaters and Thermostats

  • Explosion proof
  • Suitable for hazardous locations
  • Space Heaters and direct-mounted Heaters
  • General Purpose Heaters and Thermostats for non-hazardous locations
  • High quality products, all products 100% tested
  • Material: anodized Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Condor Technology platform heaters