SP Space Ex Heater


explosion proof heaters


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1 Application

Space-heaters for Hazardous locations are designed for

  • Freeze protection
  • Anti-condensation
  • Temperature maintenance

2 Features and Advantages

  • Self-limiting heating elements
  • Small dimensions
  • No moving parts, no maintenance required, therefore long lifetime
  • Suitable for T4 and T3 classifications
  • Can be used for 110/240 VAC/DC

3 Remarks

  • All Cameo Space-heaters are designed around self-limiting heating elements. These semi-conductor elements are saving power consumption.
    Our Cameo Space-heaters are designed to heat the air inside an enclosure and indirectly the installed equipment. If properly selected for freeze protection, no thermostat will be needed.
  • When required in other applications, e.g. analyzers, it is normal practice to use our Space-Heaters in combination with our Fix-Therm96 thermostats (range from 10 °C up to 135 °C) or our FixTherm Inline Thermostat (range from 10°C up to 60°C).
  • Do not cover the fins to guarantee free convenction.

4 Range

SP-1AT3ca. 115°C Surface temperature*250-25 Watt
SP-2AT4ca. 105°C Surface temperature*250-25 Watt
SP-3AT4ca.  90°C Surface temperature*250-25 Watt
SP-4AT4ca. 70°C Surface temperature*250-25 Watt
SP-0AHP (High power model)T3ca.130°C Surface temperature*500-50 Watt

* these temperatures are measured at 20°C ambient temperature.

5 Technical data

Power consumption250-25 Watt or 500-50 Watt
Electrical cable3 x 1 sqmm
Material cablebraided silicone (standard) Non-braided optional
Standard lengthca. 1 mtr. Other lengths optional, on request
Other lengthsto be specified
Overall dimensions165 x 185 x 42 mm (LxWxH)
Weightca. 1600 g
Materialblack anodized aluminium or nickel plated
EX protection classII 2G Ex d IIC T4 or T3

II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66 T 135°C or T200 °C
CertificationKEMA 01ATEX2124X and IECEx DEK 11.0017
Protect degreeIP 66
Voltage AC/DC110/240
Ambient temp. range– 60°C…+ 90°C

6 Datasheet